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Neuropsychological Assessment

What is a Neuropsychological Assessment?

A neuropsychological assessment is an assessment of how a person thinks and behaves.  It’s a bit like a WOF for your brain. We check how all the different parts of your brain are working, such as memory, concentration and problem solving. If there are any areas that aren’t working properly, we can then suggest some ideas and strategies that might support you.

Why might I need one?

Many things can cause damage to your brain – for example a blow to the head, a stroke, or lack of oxygen may lead to a brain injury. Injuries to the brain can cause problems with your thinking, your behavior and your feelings. A Neuropsychological Assessment can help us find out if any type of brain damage has led to any functional problems. 

What happens in an assessment?

 Generally, a neuropsychological assessment involves the following:

  • Interviews with you and with people who know you well.
  • Finding out about your history (e.g. reading your medical notes)
  • Completing tests. Most of the tests are done sitting at a table with a pen and paper or a computer.
    • Some tests are easy and some of them are harder but everyone finds some of it difficult – it’s supposed to be like that.
    • The whole assessment usually happens over 2 or 3 appointments, of up to 2 hours each.
  • Once the assessment is finished we tell you the results, and give you some recommendations (ideas to help). This might include recommendations for rehabiliation, where therapists can work with you to improve your recovery from an injury.