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Long Term Residential Support

Our primary function is the development and facilitation of skills associated with daily living and the expression of individuality within a 24 hour supported environment. We specialise in age and lifestyle appropriate service provision and provide a goal directed continuum of support and care. We adhere to the social model of disability and our approach is characterised by our dedication to rehabilitation and habilitation in all we do, and by our passion for providing freedom and support to maintain individuality, identity and personal lifestyle within a strong community focus. We build trusting relationships and individual programmes that maximise self-management, connectedness, community connection and inclusion.

Service Components - to meet unique needs of individual clients (include, but not limited to…)

  • Cultural advisers.
  • Exercise programme with access to Jellie Park Recreation & Sports Centre.
  • Supervision and 24 hour clinical nursing oversight for residents with their personal care needs and activities of daily living.
  • Special diets / Dietitian plans.
  • Recreation programmes both on and off site.
  • Chaplaincy Services, the Trust has a visiting chaplain.
  • Mobility / Transfers / Physical handling.
  • Referrals for equipment.
  • Provide appropriate health related needs and health promotion.
  • Skills training in Activities of Daily Living and Personal Care tasks.

Slow Stream Residential Rehabilitation

The Laura Fergusson Trust  provides slow stream rehabilitation for clients who are under a specific contract with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) or a rehabilitation contract with the Ministry of Health (MOH). Our therapy team works together with residents to design a rehabilitation programme that is tailored specifically to each person's needs and aspirations. A day-to-day programme is established and activities are carried out with support from rehabilitation coaches.

Programmes focus of assisting residents to have ordinary life opportunities in all aspects of daily living, whether this entails re-integration back into the wider community or learning to conduct household tasks independently.