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Driving Assessment & Retraining

A change of medical condition can affect your ability to drive safely. This may follow a head injury, stroke, spinal injury, amputation or may be due to Parkinson’s disease or the ageing process. If your doctor has any concerns about your skills for driving they may refer you to an Occupational Therapist for a driver assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to make recommendations about if, or when, you can resume driving, or whether any conditions should be placed on your driving.

Sometimes you are required to provide a medical certificate as part of your driver licence application – again your GP may request a medical driver assessment before they are able to sign the medical certificate.

Who pays for the driver assessment?

Funding arrangements for driver assessments vary. ACC may fund assessments for ACC claimants. In some cases Ministry of Health disability funding may be available to pay for the driver assessment. In other cases you will be required to pay the cost of a driver assessment.

What does the driver assessment involve?

Assessments are conducted by Occupational Therapists that specialise in driver assessments. These usually begin with an off-road assessment in the therapist’s office. This part of the assessment may take up to two hours. After that, the occupational therapist will take you for an on-road driver assessment. When you come for your assessment you must bring your driver licence and any relevant letter from your doctor or the licensing authority. If you normally wear glasses to drive and/or read you will need them for this assessment.

For more information, please see the The Driving Assessment Process Handout for details.