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Laura Fergusson Trust wishes to continue to fund research in the field of brain injury as part of our strategic plan over the next 3-5 years. This strategy aims to improve our understanding of brain injury and associated conditions and continually improve the services we deliver. We are really proud of all our staff and actively encourage continuous learning and development through research and sponsorship of formal study relating to this field. This is an exciting time for the organisation as strategically - “We aim to be the leading provider of residential and community services in New Zealand. We will achieve this through growth, continuous quality improvement and investment in research and development “ .

We have a strategic relationship with Burwood Academy of Independent Living and have sponsored research recently relating to the delivery of our Active Support model of care. 

The Burwood Academy of Independent Living, through research and innovation, is a dynamic organisation committed to improving the life experience of people recovering from serious injury and illness. Founded by Prof Alan Clarke in 2005 and based on site at Burwood Hospital, the Academy is dedicated to building a vibrant culture of research and learning. We are working to establish strong links to end users, consumer organisations, universities and rehabilitation professionals.

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