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  • Rehabilitation


    We have over 120 staff involved in providing rehabilitation and support services to our clients. We employ registered nurses, support and coaching staff, occupational therapists, speech language therapists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, dieticians and social workers. Read More
  • Facilities


    We have a range of accommodation options available including single and double rooms, self-contained units and two shared living houses for five or six people. Within the larger residential rehabilitation facility, each room has an en suite bathroom, and clients have access to kitchen and Gym facilities on site. Read More
  • Home Action Team

    Home Action Team

    The Home Action Team has a highly experienced group of Allied Heath Practitioners.The team delivers social rehabilitation services to clients to assist in supporting individuals to reach their maximumin independence. Read More
  • Community Rehabilitation

    Community Rehabilitation

    INSIGHT provides assessment and rehabilitation services, both through ACC contracts, private insurance agencies and privately to clients who have had moderate /severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI),mild traumatic brain injuries ( concussion), general neurological conditions, neurotoxicity ( chemical poisoning), psychological issues and other general physical injuries. Read More
  • Long Term Residential Care

    Long Term Residential Care

    Long term residential support is offered to individuals who require 24 hour supervision and support to live and ordinary life. We offer a range of individualised services within our larger facility to ensure that our residents needs are met and goals are achieved. Read More
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Welcome to the Laura Fergusson Trust

The Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury is an independent, charitable organisation providing services 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our mission is to facilitate autonomy, inclusion and independence for people with impairments and their families / whanau, particularly those who have suffered from a brain injury.

Our main operations are located at 279 Ilam Road, where a variety of long term residential and post acute brain injury rehabilitation services are offered. We also offer small group living options in the wider community for those who require permanent 24 hour support.

Our specialist community assessment and rehabilitation teams also provide meaningful rehabilitation, wheelchair seating and specialist driving assessments for people in their own home or workplace. These community based services extend across the whole of the South Island.

Finally, we provide a community based,  supported activities programme (Reconnect After Brain Injury)  five days per week for younger adults who have suffered traumatic brain injuries.

The Trust employs over 180 staff who are involved in providing rehabilitation and lifestyle support services to our clients. Our staff include; specialist rehabilitation Consultants, registered nurses, qualified support and coaching staff, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists, dietitians and social workers.

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